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Why would I join?

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There are many benefits to working with Flores. One of the most important aspects for us  is connection. Although technology has connected us in some amazing ways, we are also starting to realise that there are other connections that we seem to have lost. Somehow it has become quite normal for us to not really know our neighbors anymore or where our food comes from. We don’t know anymore who planted that crop, nor do most of us know much about the people who build our house or come to fix our plumbing.

One of the other great things of the Flores is how it changes our relationship to the things and services we use and how it puts us in touch with near or further neighbours. Even if it is only a brief interaction of picking up a bag of oranges someone picked from their tree, you still get a sense of who they are and where those oranges came from. We found that in reality many new friendships and collaborations sprout from the otherwise simple interaction of finding your food or fixing your car.

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