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How does it work?

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How to Florish

Joining our community is easy. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and you can immediately start interacting by offering your skills and goods. Once registered, you decide what is the value of your offerings and upload a description and/or image of your offering.

How to value your offering

The basic exchange principle is that one hour values 10 FLORes.  However, working with expensive tools or highly educated labour can be valued more. If you are not sure what to offer or how to value it you can check out other peoples offerings for inspiration.

How to cover costs

It is also possible to add euros to the calculation for products or services that involve cost made in euros. For example: when offering a chocolate cake or a taxi ride you can add ingredients or petrol in €. It’s always a matter of prior mutual agreement between the two who make an exchange.

How does this relate to money

We prefer not to make comparisons to the money. Flores are units of exchange and are simply numbers (with no value outside of our system), registered on the CES platform where every user has their own personal account.

How to stay balanced

When I receive services or goods from a member of the community my account is debited (-) for the agreed amount of Flores. Vice versa I am credited (+) when I am on the giving side of the exchange.
To assure a certain balance, we are restricted to maximum +400 and -400 Flores. This way you will be reminded to also receive when you have mainly been giving and vice versa. You don’t need to wait for someone to buy or use a service from you to start interacting, you can also begin with receiving.

How to support the Flores Core group

At the creation of your account you are debited 20 Flores that will be used to retribute the dedicated team behind the Flores do Barlavento. This way we prevent the typical member fall-out non profit organisations tend to experience.

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